MSL Park Motors

Yeti – Rear view

Drivers who find it hard to accurately judge the length of a parking space will greatly appreciate the Automatic Parking Assistant. It will also help to manoeuvre the car into the parking space itself.

After a simple press of a button, a car equipped with the Automatic Parking Assistant is able to find a large enough gap between parked cars. When a suitable gap (the length of the car plus 60 cm) is found, the car asks the driver to shift into reverse and then parks almost by itself. The car’s electronics turn the steering wheel, while the driver adjusts the speed using the pedals. The Automatic Parking Assistant communicates with the driver through voice instructions and symbols on the Maxi DOT display.

Parking is made even easier by the Optical Parking Assistant with a camera in the handle of the tailgate which displays the area behind the vehicle and features a line of travel the width of the vehicle. It is for the first time you can enjoy this feature in a ŠKODA car.